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Windermere - Muve Real Estate

Tuesday, November 06, 20122985 views

Muve Real Estate is unlike any other real estate company you’ve worked with before. This family- run business doesn’t just buy and sell homes. It’s also a leading-edge real estate investment company that purchases homes, renovates them and then resells them.

Owners Greg and Cathy Sneyd and their son Matt Sneyd, along with Cody Chamberlain and Hunter Virden, make up the Muve team and are affiliated with Windermere Real Estate.

“We really love what we do. It’s a family business that was founded on family values,” Cathy says. “It’s an important part of who we are.”

Muve Real Estate specializes in the Millcreek, Sugar House, Holladay and Olympus Cove areas. Greg and Cathy live inMillcreekand know the area very well.

Cathy says their dedication to this area comes from a love that has developed since they moved here.

Any realtor can help you buy or sell a home. The realtors at Muve don’t want to just help you find a home you might like; they want to help you find your dream home. Matt says they work with their clients to find the home that fits their needs. Making their clients happy is one of Muve’s highest priorities.

Having both pieces of the business – the traditional buying and selling side and the real estate investment side—allows Muve’s trained real estate specialists to get their clients what they are looking for.

Greg says that a lot of the renovations they are working on now are more contemporary. The houses typically have flat roofs, floor to ceiling windows, a lot of main floor living space and a very clean look.

“We’ve found that people like having a unique, mid-century, modern design to their homes,” Matt says. “The homeowners like having the only house like it on the block and having that distinction.”

If you’re interested in a home already on the market or one of Muve’s renovation projects, a visit to their website will give instant access to listings and Muve’s current and past projects. Matt says the website is full of current listings and houses they are working on. There is also information about lending options and other important information for buyers and sellers.

With interest rates at an all-time low, there is no better time to buy or sell a house. The high demand for listed properties means homes are selling fast, and many are seeing multiple offers. Cathy says her team has established good relationships with other agents in the area. That allows them to have access to more listings to help their clients find the right property.

“At Muve, we’re redefining real estate. We’re unlike any other realtor out there,” Matt says.

For more information about how Muve Real Estate can help you, call Cathy at 801-244-5827 or visit Muve’s website at


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