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City invests $600K in contract to upgrade city planning and support software

Nov 11, 2019 03:52PM ● By Kirk Bradford

By Kirk Bradford | [email protected]

Last month Millcreek’s city council voted and approved to amend their contract with Tyler Technologies. They’re known for their top-of-the-line government support software programs, one of which is coming to Millcreek. 

The software, EnerGov, will help the city with planning software and support. It will overhaul Millcreek’s outdated and sometimes frustrating system. It comes with a list of performance upgrades and features, and will automate much of the work that is done manually with the current system. It is projected to eliminate the need for two, possibly three, employees to manually address all of the city’s planning and support paperwork. The current system requires employees to do a large amount of the paperwork individually and requires opening multiple programs to enter and transfer information. 

For citizens, the upgrade will allow online access and eliminate the need for a trip to the government building in lieu of a technology/software processing fee. The fee hasn’t been disclosed yet; however, in other cities running the EnerGov platform there are some small enough, there isn’t one. Some charge a flat fee of a few dollars and others a percentage of the overall project total in fees. 

The initial software price will be $131,000 for the first year. This covers the software, training and needed licenses. The next five years have an anticipated cost of around $95,000 per year. This breaks down to costing a little over $2 each year per citizen without including any fees associated when the services are used. It updates the old system, allowing Millcreek to be fully streamlined with regards to government planning, documentation, work management, city codes, building and planning. All now accessible with modern technological advances and simplification for everyone. 

In addition to streamlining communications, the EnerGov software also comes with mobile applications. This will allow residents to have a user-friendly interface that automatically sends the transferring request into the appropriate spot: work management, code enforcement, building or planning. Requests can be answered directly without the need for additional manual entry of forms to be delivered downtown. 

The entire process starting at the very beginning of secure website portal will allow applicants to view the status of their application instantly. Overall, Planning Department Director Jim Hardy said, “Having a system that automates many processes will help staff work and communicate more efficiently and effectively. This will reduce the need for additional staff while maintaining a high level of service to all.”

Here is a look at the contracts and costs in comparison to other cities who signed a contract with Tyler Technologies to get the Energov software started.

Prince George, VA Contract costs initially 

(Pop. 37,809) $179,095 plus $19,660 per year for maintenance

Total cost roughly $4.73 year per citizen, then $0.52 a year each year after. 

Software fee—no fee listed

Whatcom, WA Contract costs initially  

(Pop 221,404)  $1,080,239 plus $121,765 per year for maintenance. 

Total cost roughly $4.87 year per citizen, then $0.54 a year each year after.

Software fee—3% of total

Millcreek, UT Contract costs initially  

(Pop 60,192) $131,000 Plus $95,000 per year for maintenance.

Total cost roughly $2.17 per citizen, then $1.57 a year, each year after.

Software fee has not been disclosed yet.