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Millcreek honors Officer of the Month for February 2020

May 18, 2020 11:52AM ● By Kirk Bradford

Millcreek City Council, Chief Steve DeBry and Officer Adam Melnitsky pose for a photo 6 feet apart following the reading of Melnitsky’s award citation. (Kirk Bradford/City Journals)

By Kirk Bradford | [email protected]

At last month’s Millcreek City Council meeting, Police Chief Steve DeBry updated the council on precautions they were taking to be ready for any upcoming issues regarding the pandemic. DeBry said they are not only working at full strength but have established contingencies to put in place in case of emergencies. DeBry and Lieutenant Christine Petty-Brown also awarded Adam Melnitsky the Millcreek Officer of the Month for February 2020.

Before reading Melnitsky’s award citation, DeBry took time to go into detail about Melnitsky. DeBry said, “You know how when you have certain people who work for you, you really just wish you could have like 20 of them. That’s truly Adam. He is a stalwart to say the least and I actually told him a few weeks ago, he is the male version of Mary Poppins and perfect in every way.”

Practicing social distancing changed the presentation process somewhat from the past. DeBry talked about how they have been keeping track of these awards since 1983 and how UPD has a large wall with officer’s names and dates of awards. 

Melnitsky’s citation reads that he established himself at the Millcreek precinct with a reputation as an enterprising officer. He often takes the initiative in his duties and responsibilities. His work product is outstanding. 

“His is often observed patrolling school zones, especially the bus zones where he issues tickets to violators going around buses with the flashing warning lights. He has taken the initiative to do this several times during the month of February.”

Melnitsky quietly patrols the school zones early on the dayshift during down time prior to taking regular busy calls for service during later morning hours. When asked about his vigilance he admits “he likes to be productive.”

He was described in the citation as a “self-starter, who gets along with his coworkers and he exhibits patience and diligence in his abilities to communicate with everyone he contacts. Officer Melnitsky displays a great commitment to serve the citizens of Millcreek and great care for the safety for the schoolchildren in Millcreek.”

Melnitsky received his award citation and a $50 gift card in the presence of his wife. After bumping elbows with the mayor, pictures were taken with all participants practicing the 6-foot distance spacing.