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UPD Millcreek Precinct officer receives third award as Millcreek Officer of the Month

Jun 15, 2020 11:53AM ● By Kirk Bradford

By Kirk Bradford | [email protected]

At last month’s Millcreek City Council meeting, one of UPD Millcreek Precinct officers Andrew Jensen was praised for his ability to think outside of the box. As first responders address the reopening of the community, they are doing their best to stay safe while conducting their duties. 

First responders at the front line of this pandemic have had to make many changes as more is understood about COVID-19 and the best protocols to stay safe. Jensen was awarded the Millcreek Officer of the Month award by providing his fellow officers in Millcreek patrol, Metro Gangs and K9 units with the N95 surgical grade masks “prior to” UPD issuing personal protective equipment (PPE) kits for officer’s usage and protection against COVID-19 during their shifts to prevent any spread while serving the public.

Police officers may interact with the public, healthcare workers, city leaders and their family all in the same day. Millcreek Police Sgt. Ronnie Prescott detailed the award citation describing how Jensen’s actions may protect the lives of not only Millcreek first responders but also those they come into contact with saying, “During this emotional time, the COVID-19 pandemic has interfered with everything normal in the community, employment and way of life, yet as police officers and first responders we continue providing emergency service and safety to the public. We chose this profession to help and put others safety before ours.”

Prescott said Jensen made the decision to do this on his own accord and he had spoken to him about this matter saying, “Aside from the normal or basic N95 mask issued to officers initially, Officer Jensen, through a resource from the local hospital was able to secure extra masks. The N95 surgical masks, are higher-grade masks and he shared them with officers and specialty units that work and serve Millcreek City and Salt Lake County communities. I recognize and appreciate Officer Jensen’s good will as he puts his fellow officer’s safety first, during this pandemic.”

This is Jensen’s third award as Officer of the Month. In 2019, he was awarded in January for proactive policing during a traffic stop leading to the discovery of narcotics and intelligence on other unrelated cases. In December, he was again awarded for his role when he responded to an armed robbery. It resulted in two suspects being arrested along with the recovery of the pellet gun used in the robbery along and drug paraphernalia.