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Millcreek Journal

Festival of Colors brightens Millcreek

Jul 01, 2022 09:16AM ● By Deb Hafner

By Deb Schoenberg Hafner | [email protected]

On June 11, the Krishna Temple in Millcreek hosted the Festival of Colors, a vibrant jubilee that is part of Holi, a spring celebration based on Hindu culture.

The celebration, which in Hindu mythology tells the story of Lord Vishnu and his triumph over the evil King Hiranyakashyapu, also signifies the arrival of spring and chasing away dark with light and color. 

Celebrated in Indian communities around the world, and popularized in the U.S., the family-friendly celebration has come to signify new beginnings, fresh starts, unity, friendship and diversity.

This year’s Festival of Colors was celebrated with dance, music, singing, vegetarian food, yoga, a Bollywood dance off, and, of course, a rainbow of colors.

If you missed this Festival of Colors, there is another one in the fall at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork.