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Utah League of Cities and Towns elects Mayor Silvestrini as president

Nov 01, 2022 08:15PM ● By Sara Milano

By Sara Milano | [email protected]

Millcreek Mayor Jeff Silvestrini was elected to serve as the president of the Utah League of Cities and Towns at the League’s convention, which ran Oct. 5-7. The mayor was elected to the post by his peers, composed of leaders from nearly all cities and townships in Utah.

Silvestrini described the league as “a lobbying organization that advances the cause of cities before the legislature and in Congress.” Having local communities represented at the state and federal level helps inform good policy decisions as well as discourages policy decisions that may hurt or adversely affect cities.

Silvestrini explained that the league interacts with state and national governments by “teaching legislators the nuts and bolts of how cities operate.” He told the public that “it’s important that Millcreek have a seat at the table and that’s the reason that I do these things…so that Millcreek has a presence in our state government and I think that has actually paid off.”

One example Silvestrini gave as to the benefits of Millcreek’s representation in the League was the government funding Millcreek received for street improvements on 2000 East after its incorporation in 2016.

Councilwoman Bev Uipi reminded the public that despite the mayor’s modesty about his appointment, he was elected unanimously by leaders from over 250 cities to serve as the president of the Utah League of Cities and Towns.

City Manager and Economic Development Director Mike Winder quoted the musical “Hamilton” in his congratulations to the mayor, saying, “It’s good that our mayor is in the room where it happens.” Winder called the appointment “a phenomenal advantage for Millcreek,” and added that Silvestrini is “a well-respected mayor and well respected by his peers.”

While his fellow councilmembers lauded his leadership and popularity in the League, Silvestrini remained adamant that his election would be valuable for elevating Millcreek’s profile at the state level without affecting his role as mayor.