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Malik Beasley teams up with Icy Mountain Shaved Ice to fight hunger

Feb 03, 2023 10:19AM ● By Daniel Olsen

The NBA elf gave toys to kids who attended the food drive.

When former Minnesota Timberwolves player Malik Beasley was traded to the Utah Jazz, he immediately wanted to get involved in the community. His most recent event took place at Icy Mountain Shaved Ice in Millcreek on Dec. 21, 2022. He teamed up with Icy Mountain owner Jared Clavell and the Bountiful Food Pantry to host a meet and greet, raffle and food drive.

“I wanted to show the community that I am a part of it by getting involved,” said the Utah Jazz guard. “It’s better to be known for who you are than what you do.”

The approach that Beasley took was unique. While donations to charities and speaking out about issues is appreciated by many, Beasley chose to support local businesses. That led to this opportunity to team up with Icy Mountain and help others in need during the holiday season.

“Malik Beasley came into our store in the summer time, soon after getting traded to the Jazz,” Clavell said. “We became friends with him and cheered for him on and off the court. In November, we started organizing this event.”

While buying from local businesses is a great way to help the community, Beasley and Clavell wanted to reach even more people in need. The opportunity came just around holiday season when they had a conversation with the Bountiful Food Pantry, the third piece to the puzzle.

“Three weeks before our event at Icy Mountain, we had an event with the Utah Jazz and America First Credit Union,” Bountiful Food Pantry Executive Director Rebekah Anderson said. “We got to know Malik and his manager AJ pretty well. They called us and said they were going to do another event and asked if we wanted to participate. I’m hoping that this can turn into a lasting relationship where we can continue to do stuff like this with them.”

The event was such a success that the line extended outside as hundreds of Jazz fans stayed warm in their winter coats while they waited to buy shaved ice and have the chance to meet Beasley. Fans were able to get autographs, pictures and purchase raffle tickets. Beasley gave away signed shoes, signed jerseys and Jazz tickets. Beasley doesn’t plan on stopping in his effort to give back even though the holiday season has passed. He feels it’s possible, even with his busy schedule, to be involved throughout the year.

“I want to help all year whenever I can,” Beasley said. “In the summer I do have more time. I tell the PR people that any time I have a day off and feel good I would like to do events. We have a shoe drive at a school coming up. We also have several other events coming up around NBA All-Star Weekend.”

Although this event included the Bountiful Food Pantry, events aren’t the only way that the pantry operates. They are constantly finding ways to fight hunger throughout the year.

“We’ve been focusing on the little things,” Anderson said. “We just finished our Sub for Santa program. We provided Christmas for over 1,000 kids. That takes up so much time. Earlier in the season we did Thanksgiving meals which also takes time.”

The Bountiful Food Pantry doesn’t just serve families in Bountiful. They serve families everywhere. If anyone comes to them, they will be given food.

“This event really hit home to me because it shows that the community can come together,” Clavell said. “This last year a lot of small businesses have been struggling, so we wanted to give Malik a chance to support and for people to meet him. With it being the season of giving, we wanted to team up with the Bountiful Food Pantry to give back.”

Icy Mountain hopes that events like these will continue to help small businesses like it has helped theirs.

“We opened right before the COVID-19 pandemic,” Clavell said. “It was rough at first in 2020 and we were not sure if we were going to keep the truck around. We were fortunate at first because in the summer people ate outside more. It was hard after that in 2021 and 2022 with hiring shortages and other things. We are lucky enough to have a lot of people support us through these times. We have won awards for best dessert, frozen treat, snow cone and food truck in the state of Utah. Those results can make running this business very rewarding.”

Icy Mountain is located at 2272 E. 3300 South and is open from 2-8:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Some popular flavors that might interest Jazz fans are the Icy Mountain (topped with tiger's blood and blue raspberry flavors), Jazz Mountain (grape plus blue raspberry), and an all new flavor called the Threesley in honor of Beasley’s fitting nickname. Beasley is one of the best three-point shooters on the Utah Jazz.

Although Beasley is new to the Utah area, the 19th overall pick of the 2016 NBA Draft has enjoyed being welcomed by fans in his first season with the Utah Jazz. 

“It’s been awesome to be welcomed here,” Beasley said. “I have a fan base already. A lot of people showed up to the Icy Mountain event. That was huge.”

With the All-Star game coming up, many stars around the NBA will have the chance to show what they can do on the court in Salt Lake City in February. Beasley hopes that he can represent the Jazz even when not playing in a game.

“I want to be an All-Star on and off the court,” Beasley said. “Whether it’s making shots or trying to get in the three-point contest, I want to focus on the little things. I’m thankful for my family and the people around me.”