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Skyline star Peter Kim ready to continue golf career at BYU

Jun 02, 2023 12:57PM ● By Daniel Olsen

After a stellar championship-laden career at Skyline, Peter Kim is ready for the next chapter of his golfing journey at Brigham Young University. His parents, coaches and close friends were involved during the recruitment process, but he made the final decision. Though he was sure to make his high school senior season count before he plays on scholarship.

“I’ll remember all the fun times I had with my teammates during practice rounds. We loved to play games and still keep it competitive,” he said. 

BYU made it clear early on that Kim was a player they were interested in.

“They identified him early and moved on him pretty quick,” Skyline coach Kenneth James said. “I talked to the assistant coach several times at events. He was interested from the start.”

Kim declared at home and kept the festivities to a minimum. He didn’t organize a special event when he declared. He is already getting ready for his first season at BYU.

“I am always practicing and trying to get better every day in order to prepare for college golf,” Kim said. “I will start practicing with BYU this August.” 

Since he was a young golfer, Kim caught the attention of his coaching staff on the intangibles that he displayed.

“He’s fearless,” James said. “When he was in eighth grade he hit a shot. I asked if he had any idea how hard it was. He can do things that most people wouldn’t even try. He thinks he can do it and he can. He has the ability to stay calm in the clutch. His heart rate stays calm and doesn’t get racing. He’s so good with his teammates. Before he was in high school he was watching his older brother so it will be weird not seeing him at our golf events. He’s just a tremendous athlete and great golfer. He can do anything on the golf course. He was a part of four state championship golf teams and two national championships. He was a big part of that.”

While he was good from a young age, Kim’s career really took off in high school. It did not take him long to assert himself as a key player on the team and contender in the high school state golf scene.

“The first time I met him he came with his brother and he played in my group and I saw him hit that shot,” James said. “He came on a really good state championship team and it didn’t take him long to get to No. 2 on our roster. He went right up the ladder with some good golfers. (Tyson) Shelley graduated then he became No. 1. He should be focused on what he needs to do. In his freshman year, I coached his sister and brother. He was a big part of everything they were doing. His sister played for just a year, but she was great.”

While Kim could have fit in well with many collegiate golf programs, he saw BYU as the best fit for him.

“BYU seemed like the best fit for me to improve my golf and take my game to the next level,” Kim said. “The school has produced many PGA Tour players, and I want to make it to that level. It is also a great school where I can earn my degree.” 

The new era of the Big 12 conference will be a fun experience for Kim as he competes against elite teams.

“This conference consists of schools such as Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Baylor,” Kim said. “I think that I will be useful in competing in championships for BYU because of my experience in high level golf tournaments. I know that I can compete at a high level and love competing with great players. I’ll be playing alongside some friends that I have known for a long time and that should make it even more fun.” 

Kim’s high school coach sees traits in him that could cause teams in the Big 12 to turn some heads. He has similar skills to what his former high school teammate and future college teammate Tyson Shelley had.

“He does all the things people like,” James said. “He hits it so far. Tyson Shelley hit it further than him a few times but nobody else has since then. He gets the ball close to give himself opportunities for birdies and eagles. At state there was only one birdie all day and he was the only one who got it. He is such a good putter and has the touch.”

There are limitless possibilities for where Kim’s career could take him.

“I would not be surprised to see him win the Masters or U.S. Open,” James said. “He hits far and has touch. He has all the tools in the tool box. He can do anything he puts his mind to. When he decides he wants to do something then he can do it. The college experience will be good because he thrives on competition. There will be battles to see who plays on their travel squad. There is nothing he can’t do. He’s a gifted athlete and smart guy. He made the basketball game the one year he tried. He could win a College National Championship. He was first team all-state for all four years.”  λ