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Millcreek’s senior center gets funds for field trips thanks to council’s efforts

Jun 02, 2023 01:00PM ● By Sara Milano

Millcreek’s senior community has a lot to look forward to, thanks to a recent $2,500 appropriation from the Millcreek City Council to the Millcreek senior center. The center, which provides activities for seniors at the Millcreek Community Center on Evergreen Avenue, will use the funds to provide transportation for seniors to attend events and go on excursions.

The council’s $2,500 appropriation will enable seniors at the center to explore and participate in community events, as well as promote socialization and well-being. According to Mayor Jeff Silvestrini, the organization is thrilled to receive the funding. “They are very appreciative of this appropriation,” he said. 

The senior center is a vital resource and community hub for Millcreek’s aging population in a city that has some of the highest population of seniors in the region, explained councilmember Bev Uipi. 

Open to anyone over the age of 60, the senior center is housed in the same space as the library and recreation center and offers a range of programming and services. Among these are jewelry-making classes, Zumba, piano lessons, foreign language classes and more. 

Millcreek Communications Director Rita Lund noted that the seniors “are looking forward to taking field trips with these funds as well as renting the vans and buses to get them around.” She expressed excitement that the newly allocated funds would allow the seniors to travel to the Thanksgiving Point tulip festival this spring. “It’s really a great service they provide to our elderly community,” she said.

Millcreek Senior Center plays an important role in bringing seniors together and promoting community engagement. With the council’s recent appropriation, the center will be able to provide even more opportunities for seniors to stay active, connected and involved in the community. The council’s investment in the center signals its commitment toward supporting the well-being of seniors in the community and ensuring that they have access to the resources they need to thrive. λ