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Millcreek council approves funding for pickleball courts in Canyon Rim Park

Jan 05, 2024 11:07AM ● By Sara Milano

A rendering of the layout for the new pickleball courts in Canyon Rim Park. (Millcreek City)

In a recent Millcreek City Council meeting, a pivotal decision was made regarding the funding and construction of much-anticipated pickleball courts in Millcreek. Public Works Director John Miller provided a comprehensive update, revealing both progress and challenges in the journey to bring this community project to fruition.

Originally budgeted at $800,000 two years ago, the pickleball court project faced unexpected delays. Approval from the neighboring Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a crucial step in the process, took longer than anticipated, resulting in a significant delay. This delay, combined with the impact of inflation on construction costs, led to a significant increase in the project’s overall price.

Miller expressed his initial concerns to the council, stating, “I came to the council a couple of months ago concerned about the pricing of our pickleball courts. We bid it, we know what the prices are. I wasn’t concerned enough. Our last estimate was about $1 million, and our low bid came in at $1.26 million.”

The approved plan outlines the construction of 10 pickleball courts within Canyon Rim Park. Miller emphasized a community-centric approach to design, aiming for the courts to serve as both a recreational space and a visually appealing park for the neighborhood. Two of the 10 courts will be slightly larger “championship” courts, catering to enthusiasts seeking a more competitive experience. A paved parking lot is also part of the construction plan.

Despite the higher-than-expected costs, the council displayed a strong commitment to the project. In a move to fulfill promises made to the community, a budget amendment was approved that allocated $1.2 million for the pickleball courts. However, this left a shortfall of $66,000.

Mayor Jeff Silvestrini expressed the community’s long-standing anticipation, stating, “We’ve promised the community this for a long time….I think it’d be a mistake not to build all 10 courts…our community will use them and enjoy them, and it will never be cheaper than now to build them.”

Assuring that the additional funds would be secured, Silvestrini emphasized the importance of moving forward with the project. The low bid for the construction contract was approved, setting the stage for construction to begin in spring 2024.

As Millcreek gears up for the construction of new pickleball courts, the community eagerly anticipates the recreational and social benefits they will bring. The sport has grown in popularity in recent years, and approval of funding reflects the city’s dedication to enhancing the quality of life for its residents through recreation and development.  λ