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Millcreek’s reelected councilmembers sworn in for new term, mayor says he doesn’t plan to run again

Feb 09, 2024 01:30PM ● By Sara Milano

Councilmember Silvia Catten takes her oath of office in the new city hall building. (Sara Milano/City Journals)

 On a snowy evening on Jan. 9, three Millcreek City councilmembers were sworn back into office after being re-elected to their positions in two uncontested races and a landslide victory. 

Mayor Jeff Silvestrini, Councilmember Silvia Catten and Councilmember Cheri Jackson took their oaths of office in Millcreek Common’s new city hall building, where they shared their gratitude for residents’ support and hopes for the future of the city. 

“I feel really, really lucky to serve this city…and I really mean this. Millcreek is one of the greatest cities in this country,” Catten told the crowd as she became emotional during her remarks. 

Both Catten’s District 1 and Silvestrini’s mayoral races were unopposed in a city of over 65,000 

 residents. Silvestrini expressed his belief that this “reflects a situation where the residents of this community have confidence in what I’ve done and what this council has done over the last seven years.” He also shared that he did not plan to run again once his four year term was up. 

Councilmember Jackson defeated opponents Scott Springer and David F. Holz in a landslide victory, capturing 76% of the votes with Springer and Holz receiving 14% and 10% respectively. 

In her remarks, Jackson said that her fondness toward Millcreek residents has grown while serving the city, sharing, “I’ve really appreciated getting to know my district, getting to know my residents and the many wonderful people who are so passionate about their city.” She also expressed gratitude for her fellow councilmembers, saying, “I’ve had many people say that we’re so lucky because we get along, we are friends, and we like to work together.”

Mayor Silvestrini shared his pride at the strides the city has made since its incorporation in 2016, explaining that the staff  “[set] up a new city from scratch, where we didn’t have money for the first six months and [built] that into the little engine that was able to build this building here…in Millcreek.” λ