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Community celebrates East Mill Creek Lions Club’s 80th anniversary

Mar 01, 2024 01:15PM ● By Jolene Croasmun

The East Mill Creek Lions Club members posed for a group photo at their 80th anniversary along with the Scouts BSA Troop 5 and Millcreek Mayor Jeff Silvestrini. (Jolene Croasum/City Journals)

The East Mill Creek Lions club celebrated an 80th anniversary of their charter at the Millcreek City Hall last month. 

“The EMC Lions Club was created out of the group called the East Mill Creek Betterment Society that was formed around 1936. Then in 1943 they chose to affiliate with Lions International,” member Bill Morey said.

“The East Mill Creek Betterment Society was already working on sidewalks and traffic signals and these projects became Lions Club work in the community,” Morey added.

Morey was a past president of the EMC Lions Club. “I am currently the longest tenured EMC Lions Club member. I have been a member for 34 years.”

“The Lions Club is all over the world in 200 countries and women were admitted in 1988 and we had a woman join that year,” Morey said.

Rose Studstrup was the only female president of the EMC Lions Club and served from 2011-14.

Lions International Foundation was created to support the efforts of Lions clubs and partners in serving communities locally and globally and their motto is “We Serve.”

“If we were to go to any club in the world, they would accept us,” said Lions member Spencer Harden.

Lions Club members all identify as members by wearing a yellow vest and they wear it with pride. The vest is an international symbol of community service.

The EMC Lions Club is known for the Fourth of July festivities in Millcreek each year which includes a breakfast, parade and a carnival.

“We get military flyovers every year during our Fourth of July celebration. It's really epic and it happens at Evergreen Park,” member Lisa Schmidt said. Schmidt is currently serving as the vice president of the EMC Lions Club.

The Fourth of July parade has been a popular activity in the Millcreek area and has been going on since before the EMC Lions Club existed. East Millcreek Community Council chair and EMC Lions Club treasurer and secretary Nancy Carlson-Gotts added, “The day before the parade, there are chairs already lined up on Evergreen Avenue.”

“We have all different groups in the parade,” said current EMC Lions Club president Dave Kirby. “Last year, we included the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.” 

Every November, the EMC Lions Club works on the “Share the Harvest” service project. “We along with the police department and the city find out which families need help and we provide a turkey,” Carlson-Gotts said.

Carlson-Gotts spoke about the additional projects that the Lions Club works on. ”We have an Easter egg hunt during the spring and the eyeglass project” which raises money to pay for eye exams and glasses for people in need in the community.

The EMC Lions Club is a chartered organization for Scouts BSA Troop 5. “The Lions Club supports our troop and makes it possible for us to exist,” said Scoutmaster Rich Lavine. They work together on such events as the Fourth of July and Easter festivities. 

Scouts BSA is the new name for the Boys Scouts of America which was changed to allow girls into the program.

Hillary Torres is the girls’ scoutmaster. “We follow the same progression and are working toward the Eagle Scout award,” Torres said. “People see girls in these uniforms and they think they are Girl Scouts but we are not. Scouts BSA is becoming more popular for girls and we have 11 registered girls in our troop.”

“We have a wonderful organization. The Lions Club is very accepting of anyone. We love anyone who wants to join and serve. It really comes down to an open heart and an open community. It is the joining of people,” said VP Schmidt.

The EMC Lions Club is currently accepting and welcoming new members. As a Lion, you will have the opportunity to help others, meet new people and use your talents to make an impact in the community. For more information visit λ