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Millcreek Journal

Short-legged racers attend the Millcreek Doxie Derby for some doggone fun

May 07, 2024 03:22PM ● By Jolene Croasmun

Bystanders watching the Dachshunds race down the track at the first annual Millcreek Doxie Derby held at Millcreek Common in March. (Jolene Croasmun/City Journals)

The Millcreek Doxie Derby was held at the end of March at Millcreek Common at the skate loop. It was a race that was too cute for words but perfect for woofs. 

This was the Wasatch Front Wiener Dog Racing Association’s first Millcreek Doxie Derby. A race just for dachshunds, you know, doxies or wiener dogs. All racers had to be 100% dachshund.

Dachshund owners from all over brought their short-legged cuties to this friendly competition for  prizes, bragging rights and just good old doggone fun.

A large excited crowd gathered around the skate loop as the announcer began the race by shouting over the speakers, “GET SET, GOOOOOOO!” 

The adorable, short-legged little dogs were off and running down the track.

Conner Nelson and his little dog Toby were at the event and Nelson said, ''I saw the event posted online and thought my dog would probably love to go and see some other wiener dogs like him. However, Toby is pretty confused and just looking for some food.” 

There were 147 wiener dogs registered to race but even more little dogs and their owners came out to witness the Doxie Derby.

"We saw this event on the news and we have owned wiener dogs my whole life and my kid’s whole life and had to come out,” said Mikaela and Jen from Taylorsville. They brought their wiener dogs Rona, Stella and Dash with them but none of their dogs were in the races.

“We did not want Rona to get out. She is the escape artist and Dash is 17 and blind and it would have taken him days to make it down the track,” Mikaela said with a laugh.

Millcreek resident, Patty Hession and her well-dressed young pup Meg, decided to spend their Saturday afternoon watching the Derby. Hession did not enter her dog into the race. “Meg is still a puppy, just 6 months old, and I was worried she would want to play with the other puppies rather than race.” λ